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Daryl May

Author Bio

Daryl May, author of children’s book – Rachael’s Splendifilous Adventure, is a respectable ex-deputy, singer, comedian, guitarist, song writer and a filmmaker. Now retired, Daryl and wife Brenda are a part of a film company and have recently completed their first documentary film- Whisper of the River, Discover Old Florida’s St. Johns River. He has experienced an exciting career and life and has entertained and travelled the world.
Daryl moved to Clearwater, Florida from Potomac, Illinois after high school. He attended St. Petersburg Junior College before going to work with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

As a deputy he worked in the Uniform Division and Vice & Intelligence Unit, participated in a number of security details for governors. He has written many songs that tell of his experiences here. Other than writing songs, Daryl also learned to play guitar and read music by himself.

After a few years as a deputy, he moved on to give showbiz a try and become an entertainer. In 1971 he started singing professionally in Harrys New York Bar, the plush lounge at Schraffts in Clearwater. Daryl, as an entertainer wrote songs and worked gigs in Australia and cruise ships in the Caribbean.

For several years Daryl alternated between the Clearwater Beach and South Carolina. His one-liners tickled, rather than jabbed, in an easy stream-of-consciousness presentation, be it in a nightclub or a big concert.
Daryl has also composed and performed songs for a PBS TV series titled America In World War II – The Homefront. He has also recorded the ballad Among My Souvenirs for inclusion on the final Homefront show soundtrack. Now a filmmaker, Daryl still enjoys entertaining the audiences at events around Florida.

Currently, he is writing his memoires, tentatively called- JOURNEY OF A POET, A PICKER, A COP AND A COMIC.

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