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What Makes Natural Flea Products Work?

Considering using natural flea products instead of the standard chemical based products? Good for you! Today’s conscientious consumers are leaning more and more towards non-toxic and non-chemical approaches to flea treatment. With the current environmental state of the planet more people want to make the right choice and use products that are greener and less harmful. Natural flea products use exactly that, natural ingredients that are known to help fight and repel fleas.

There are many natural products that repel fleas and lavender is one of them. To many of us lavender is associated with the sweet smelling plant that is so soothing. The smell of lavender is loved by humans but the scent of lavender is hated by fleas! You will find that many natural flea products contain lavender. Rosemary is another common natural flea repellent that also improves the health of your dogs coat.

As fleas are highly sensitive to smell eucalyptus is another   ingredient used in natural flea products. Eucalyptus when used in the proper quantities is a scent that lasts a long time, is strong and is great at repelling fleas. Not only that eucalyptus also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and is also good for treating skin infections when topically applied.

Neem oil is another ingredient that fleas can’t stand. Neem oil not only repels fleas it is great at killing mange mites. Neem oil is also used in natural flea products as it relieves and soothes dry itchy skin associated with flea bites, fights bacterial infections and has remarkable anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.

Hopefully this overview highlighting some of the ingredients used in natural flea products will encourage you to make the switch from those harsh chemicals to those that occur naturally. The benefits of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and neem oil are fantastic and are just a few of the ingredients used in natural flea products. As a responsible citizen of Mother Earth and a true animal lover treat your dog right with a healthy diet, regular grooming and bathing using natural flea products and regular visits to the vet. These steps will ensure a long and healthy life for your dog and our planet!

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