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Nancy Tillman

Author Bio

Nancy Tillman, author of several New York Times Bestselling books, seeks to extend an important message to all the children through each of her writings and illustrations – “You are loved”. Her first book, ‘On The Night You Were Born’, also aims to convey to children at an early and tender age that “You are special and unique”.

Other than ‘On The Night You Were Born’, Nancy has written and illustrated many bestselling titles like: Wherever You are My Love Will Find You, The Spirit of Christmas, The Crown on Your Head, Tumford the Terrible and Tumford’s Rude Noises. She has also illustrated books like My Love, It’s Time To Sleep with Eric Metaxas and Let There Be Light with Desmond Tutu.

Nancy Tillman lives in Portland, Oregon. Formerly an advertising executive, she now writes and illustrates full- time. Her magically potent mix of beautiful prose and fantastic paint has catapulted her, in a seven-book span, into a high orbit among the biggest stars in children’s publishing. The last page in all of her books says “You are loved.” With this, she tries to give words to parents to say what they already feel for their children.

About On The Night You Were Born in StoriesAlive: A story that can be converted into a memory book for your child about the ‘night they were born’. With mesmerizing animations and gentle music, the story app allows you to personalize and create a memory storybook for your child with his/her name and picture and customizable voice and text. In the story Polar bears dance, Giraffes sway to the music, Moon whispers, and Animals call your child’s name- all personalized to create a truly unique experience for the special one. Parents and grandparents would appreciate this story app and children will be delighted on knowing how special and loved they are.

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