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Exposing Some of the Myths Associated With Condensing Boilers

You will find that there are a lot of misconceptions about condensing boilers. Misconceptions produce myths about the units and they can cause people to be skeptical of them. In 2003 the Building Research Establishment produced and published a document that helped people understand the truths behind the devices. The title of this publication was “Domestic Condensing Boilers: The Benefits and the Myths”. This work was published as a general information leaflet and it was based on the knowledge that the Building Research Establishment had gained through their work with the installation of these devices since 1980. lap dat kho lanh cong nghiep

One of the most common myths about condensing boilers is that they are not as reliable as the standard units are. In the beginning these items may have been less reliable than their counterparts but today this is a complete myth. The first of these items had to have the kinks worked out and the problems solved so that they could be reliable and dependable devices.

The second biggest myth concerning condensing boilers is that they require more frequent servicing than the traditional version did. The truth is that these items do not need serviced more frequently and they are no more difficult to do the service on than the original versions were.

The third myth surrounding condensing boilers is that they are more expensive to service than the traditional versions were. The truth here is that the condensing boilers are serviced in the exact same manner as the non-condensing versions are. The only exception to this statement is that they require their condensate drain to be inspected for correct function.

Another myth that has been circulated concerning these appliances is that they are more difficult to install. Once again this is just not the truth. The only real difference in the installation of the two types of units is that with the original style you did not need a condensate drain installed.

Here is one myth that really needs to be considered by the person thinking of installing these units. It has been said that they are always more efficient than the original style of boiler. It has been said that under all operating circumstances these types of units perform more efficiently and cost effectively than the standard traditional items do. This is not the truth. There are instances and circumstances that cause the standard style to actually be more efficient. You need the guidance of a professional when you are trying to determine what type of boiler system will make the most sense for you.

It has been said that non-condensing systems always have water storage tanks while the others never have storage tanks. The truth is that the condensing boilers use the gases in the steam they produce to preheat the cold water entering the system. This has to do with the efficiency that the unit has in using the fuel it is given and does not pertain to the tank style of the device. Ask an experts opinion or at least read the publications that detail the truths about these items before you make up your mind.

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