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Ashlee Fletcher

Author Bio

Ashlee Fletcher was born and brought up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She then travelled to Laguna Beach, California when she was 18 to pursue her career in art. She studied at Laguna College of Art & Design and graduated with a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in Illustration, with an emphasis in drawing and painting in May, 2009. She currently resides in Costa Mesa, California. Other than animals, especially dogs and cats and her very own kittens- Jack and Violet; Ashlee loves sweets, especially chocolates; sneakers, especially the ones with bright colors and tea, especially the fruity kind.

She was very active in the student body at her college, Laguna College of Art and Design and has also won several awards and honors.

Ashlee Fletcher authored and illustrated My Dog, My Cat in 2011, a children’s picture book, which is now an app in StoriesAlive.

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