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4 Fun Apps to Get Your Kids in the Halloween Spirit

When leaves change colors, wind gets cool and even chilly and yet our hearts feel warm and fuzzy, we know that fall is here. And fall means one of the best holidays for kids: Halloween! For this fun time of the year, we’ve rounded up some interactive yet educational apps to get you and your kids in the Halloween spirit.

What really makes these apps so spook-tacular?! You can personalize each of these story apps, the voice and text, to make it a truly unique and personal Halloween storytelling experience for your child. From interactive stories to games, this will get your child excited about reading, Halloween and all-things-spooky. Remember kids read more when they truly enjoy the story and we are sure they will love these storybook apps!

So grab that candy and your digital device and snuggle up with your child and enjoy these 4 Fun Halloween Apps:

1. Tilly Witch

Tilly Witch forgot how to be mean and had to return to finishing school for witches to re-learn the trickery of the trade! This is a great app for the whole family to enjoy and experience a classic Halloween story.

2. Bus to Booville

Bus to Booville is a humorous and entertaining app for children of all ages. The bus driver on the Bus to Booville gets spooked when he has to drive around ghosts, witches and skeletons on Halloween night. When he drops them off at a party, we learn that he is also a little monster in disguise! This app has two games: Memory Game and Spot the Difference. This cute story is a great way to get your kids into Halloween in a light-hearted way.

3. You Can’t Scare Me!

You Can’t Scare Me! is a funny and a very relatable Halloween costume story for kids.  A little girl is busy putting on her Halloween costume and her friends try to frighten her. She is confident they can’t scare her… until she takes a look in the mirror and is spooked! The app includes a Memory Game and a Photo Hunt Game, making it a fun and interactive Halloween story.

4. Fall Changes

Fall Changes teaches kids how nature changes during the autumn season!  The leaves are changing and we are celebrating all the things that make fall fun. This seasonal story teaches your little ones about all of the changes during fall, including weather, plants, animals and traditions. Make this a fun and a true learning experience for your child by making them go out and experience the nature around them along with the app!

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