Yan yan the first blackand white panda

Story Description

This beautiful story is inspired by a Chinese legend, and tells children how Pandas became black and white, from their original white color.

This is a story of Yan Yan, a young Panda, eager to discover his surroundings in various seasons. One fine day, he decides to get some delicious red berries to surprise his mother. Neglecting his mother’s warning, and without thinking of the consequences, he sets on his way to the Sleeping Dragon Mountain, only to experience the hot, fiery lava and soot. After the adventure, though not hurt, Yan Yan was never white again, he was now black and white! Read the story and join Yan Yan’s adventure from being white to becmoing black and white.

Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie

Jeanne B. de Sainte MarieView Bio

Born in US, to French Canadian parents, Jeanne now lives in Paris. She studied Fine Art and Textile Design at the University of Michigan and at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She then designed colors and materials for cars, Jeeps and buses in Detroit and for Renault in France. She has also created Advent calendars, CD covers, posters and periodicals. She later started creating her own books for children.