I Want a Hug

Story Description

This is an adorable story about what it means to reach out to someone, showcased in the form of a video.

A story of a little hedgehog named Elvis, who just wants to be hugged. Poor Elvis is so prickly that no one wants to go near him. Everywhere he goes he sees hugs, but no one anywhere will give him one. Just as he’s about to give up, he hears someone crying out, “Won’t someone give me a kiss?” It’s Colin the crocodile, and he’s so ugly that no one will kiss him. The two become instant pals, with hugs and kisses aplenty.

John Rowe

John RoweView Bio

John A. Rowe was born in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, England, and studied fine art in England and Austria. His colorful illustrations and eccentric compositional style have won him much acclaim. He is the winner of the 1995 BIB Grand Prix Award for Children’s Book Illustration in Bratislava. Books by John A. Rowe include Monkey Trouble, which was nominated for the German Young Readers Prize, J. A. Teddy, I Want a Hug, and his enormously popular version of Hans Christian Andersen’s… Read more »