The Giant

Story Description

A young girl, grieving the loss of her mother, strives to find the giant that her mother promised would look after her. But there are no such things as giants-not real giants . . . or are there? Can she dream her larger-than-life guardian into reality? The young girl does have a giant looking out for her. He’s been with her all along.

Claire Ewart

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Claire Ewart is a well-known illustrator and author of books for children. Claire Ewart’s work has received praise and awards from many reviewers and organizations. Ms. Ewart received the Celebrate Literacy Award from the International Reading Association. Ms. Ewart has written and illustrated several books, including One Cold Night, The Giant, and Fossil. Her rich and detailed watercolor illustrations are not only a visual treat, but, just as important, each one captures the essence of the story. She has illustrated books for famous… Read more »