Teddys Night

Story Description

It may be bedtime, but one little girl’s teddy bear does not want to sleep! The two of them stay up late, playing hide-and-seek and jumping on the bed. Every time Mom comes to check, they leap under the covers and pretend to be asleep. Even when the girl does fall asleep, her teddy bear stays up to keep a vigilant watch over her and protecting her. This charming and hilarious story app seeks to create a touching portrait of friendship.

Teddy’s Night, a follow up to the groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed story app- Teddy’s Day, boasts a world of imagination as young kids often wonder what their teddy gets up to when they sleep. The charming illustrations of Birte Muller really come to life through hundreds of interactive touch points. If you’re looking for the perfect bedtime story to read your kids, you must experience Teddy’s Night!

This title is depicted from the Best-Seller of its time “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Night?” print book.

Interactive features:

1) Several interactions on every page
2) Animated characters who respond to playful taps and tickles
3) Interactive elements like a color drawing tablet
4) Physics room
5) Block stacking and memory matching games
6) Interactive harp playing (on the wall)

Bruno Hatchler

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Bruno Hächler was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He worked for ten years as a music journalist and has produced two CD’s featuring children’s songs. He has written numerous picture books and now lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, where his live performances continue to attract a growing audience.