Teddy's Day

Story Description

Proven to be one of the most loved, critically acclaimed kids interactive story title on the market, Teddy’s Day unites innovative technology and high-quality animation to create an interactive, entertaining and fully immersive children’s storybook experience.

Have you ever wondered what your teddy bear does when you’re not home? Well, one little girl is determined to find out. She peeks, she spies, she even pretends to be asleep. But she can’t ever seem to catch him doing anything. So she comes up with a plan that’s sure to catch him, in a sweet and delightful surprise. The rhyme is contagious, and will keep kids laughing.

This title is depicted from the Best-Seller of its time – “What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day?” print book.

Interactive features:

  • Hundreds of interactions covered over 14 pages
  • Animated characters who respond to playful taps and tickles
  • Interactive elements like a color drawing tablet
  • Gentle girl’s voice narration
Bruno Hatchler

Bruno HätchlerView Bio

Bruno Hächler was born in Zurich, Switzerland. He worked for ten years as a music journalist and has produced two CD’s featuring children’s songs. He has written numerous picture books and now lives in Winterthur, Switzerland, where his live performances continue to attract a growing audience.