Spring Changes

Story Description

Teach children about the most important changes of the spring season. These changes are told in brief, simple words and shown in beautiful seasonal photographs by it’s author Ellen B. Senisi. This exploration of the seasons is enhanced by textural backgrounds such as leaves, clouds, sheep fur and bird feathers. These textures fill the pages behind the main photos and text for children to understand, observe and relate to. This is science for the early childhood set: brief text that teaches basic concepts and beautiful photographs that encourage children’s own observations of the world.

Beautiful real- life photographs and associated text in this 32- page picture book will help kids understand the characteristics of the season.

Other than Spring Changes, StoriesAlive also has Fall Changes. A story that aims to introduce and teach children the characteristics of the fall/ autumn season with photographs and easy- to- understand text.

Ellen Senisi

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Ellen Senisi is an author and photographer of children’s photo-essay picture books. Ellen has great fun creating media about children — books, apps, photos, multimedia video — for kids and for education publishers. She published her first book with Scholastic in 1993, Brothers and Sisters— and it is still in print! Since then, she has used words and photographs to create photo-essay books that introduce children to everything from nature, to disabilities, to Chinese culture, to the Apollo Theater. Ellen enjoys… Read more »