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“This is a satisfying presentation of a topic that is sure to strike a chord with the intended audience.”- (c) School Library Journal

Most children tell secrets, and are aware of what they are in broad terms. This picture book, with the help of real life photographs of second graders, adds to this understanding. The story tells about the different kinds of secrets and how to deal with each of them. There are secrets that make you feel happy, sad, lonely, worried, serious and even silly!

Young readers will feel connected to this story and are sure to enjoy it too.

Ellen Senisi

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Ellen Senisi is an author and photographer of children’s photo-essay picture books. Ellen has great fun creating media about children — books, apps, photos, multimedia video — for kids and for education publishers. She published her first book with Scholastic in 1993, Brothers and Sisters— and it is still in print! Since then, she has used words and photographs to create photo-essay books that introduce children to everything from nature, to disabilities, to Chinese culture, to the Apollo Theater. Ellen enjoys… Read more »