Rachael's Splendifilous Adventure

Story Description

Join Rachael in her splendid dream adventure in this story. During an afternoon nap, she dreams of travelling in a hot air balloon with her teddy bear, Captain Sandy and a woodpecker. During their flight, Rachael and Captain Sandy dodge a space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, sail over a French village and the Berlin Wall and finally land in Moscow, where Captain Sandy’s cousin Anatoly performs in a famous circus. Kids will get introduced to Russia and it’s landmarks in this joyful adventure story.

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Daryl May, author of children’s book – Rachael’s Splendifilous Adventure, is a respectable ex-deputy, singer, comedian, guitarist, song writer and a filmmaker. Now retired, Daryl and wife Brenda are a part of a film company and have recently completed their first documentary film- Whisper of the River, Discover Old Florida’s St. Johns River. He has experienced an exciting career and life and has entertained and travelled the world. Daryl moved to Clearwater, Florida from Potomac, Illinois after high school. He… Read more »