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“A sweet, imaginative father-son adventure…Darling and genuine.”- (c) Kirkus Reviews

Have you ever pretended to be in an adventure with your child? Isn’t is a lot of fun? ‘Pretend’ is the story of a boy and his father’s one such adventure; where the living room turns into an ocean, the couch into a big boat and staircase into a mountain! Read the story and join in Jimmy’s ocean adventure where they tackle huge sharks, hunt for fishes and cook; and at the end build a fort and campfire on a beautiful island. A day well spent, isn’t it? This story will delight the readers young and old, encouraging young readers to Pretend an adventure of their own!

Jennifer Plecas

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Jennifer Plecas works as an illustrator, designer, and writer. She has illustrated over 30 children’s books, whereas written and illustrated many. Apart from children’s books, she has also written, designed, and illustrated hundreds of greeting cards and related products for boutique and major manufacturers and small businesses. Currently I’m working on additional writing and illustration for books, cards, and other product categories, and playing with video and 2-D animation. She has also won several awards like: five ALA Notables for… Read more »