The Night You Were Born

Story Description

New York Times Bestseller – On The Night You Were Born is now on iPad!

An app with mesmerizing animations, gentle music and the highest level of personalization to create a memory book of the night your child was born. Polar bears dance, Giraffes sway to the music, Moon whispers, Animals call your child’s name- all personalized to create a truly unique experience for the special one. Parents and Grandparents would appreciate this story app whereas children will be delighted on knowing how special they are.


  • Personalize the story for your child with his/her name and picture; each animal will call out their name and stars will come together to form their face in the sky
  • Personalize the narration with the option to record the narration in your voice


  • App uses dynamic technology and sound modifications to create first of its kind storytelling experience in a digital format ; Animals dance, moon plays the trumpet while birds form your child’s name in the sky acknowledging how special the child is in your life.
  • Groundbreaking technology used to create non linear story telling in 2D to a 3D space including particle effects.


  • The app comes with a scrap book with the option to add video messages and pictures of the family
  • Add hand prints of your child to make it an invaluable keepsake

One of it’s kind app sure to delight the kids. Each page aims to celebrate each child and make them realize how special and unique they are. The author of this app, Nancy Tillman extends a very special and beautiful message to each child: “You are loved and there is nobody as beautiful and unique as you.”

Nancy Tillman

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Nancy Tillman, author of several New York Times Bestselling books, seeks to extend an important message to all the children through each of her writings and illustrations – “You are loved”. Her first book, ‘On The Night You Were Born’, also aims to convey to children at an early and tender age that “You are special and unique”. Other than ‘On The Night You Were Born’, Nancy has written and illustrated many bestselling titles like: Wherever You are My Love… Read more »