Monkey and the engineer

Story Description

Monkey and the Engineer is a depiction of the classic folk song by the same name. It is a story about an engineer who drove a locomotive and was always accompanied by a monkey. The story tells of an incident when the monkey takes over the locomotive leaving the engineer out. While the panic ensues the engineer’s mind, there is a constant worry: will the locomotive, under the monkey’s control meet with an accident or reach the station on time?

Ryhming verses and beautiful illustrations will make this a delightful reading experience for children!

Jesse Fuller

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Born in Georgia, near Atlanta in 1986, Jesse Fuller was an American one-man band musician, best known for his song “San Francisco Bay Blues”. Jesse Fuller, was sent by his mother to live with foster parents where he was badly mistreated. At the age of 9 he showed his first musical interest when he constructed himself a mouth bow. Later, he even built his own crude guitar and started learning to play songs from various musicians. After working at various locations… Read more »