Miko Wants a Dog

Story Description

Miko wants a pet dog more than anything. His friend Mimiki will pretend to be a dog for a little while, but he won’t go on a leash. No doubt about it—Miko needs a real dog. But Mama says Miko will have to wait until he’s older. He’s so disappointed, until he hears barking from the next door neighbor’s yard, and Miko gets the chance to prove how good he can be with a dog.

This cute story is perfect for family pet discussions, and also demonstrates the power of compromise.


Brigitte WeningerView Bio

Brigitte Weninger lives with her son in Kufstein, Austria, where she used to teach Kindergarten. Her twenty years of Kindergarten experience have given her invaluable insight in to the minds of young children. She is a full time writer now and has written more than fifty acclaimed picture books, including the Miko series, which have been translated into 30 languages ​​and won many awards, among them the internationally successful Davy series. She also holds lectures and workshops for children and… Read more »