Miko Mom, Wake Up and Play!

Story Description

Miko is wide awake and ready to play, but Mom wants to sleep longer. What can Miko do until her alarm rings? Everything that Miko tries to read, play, or eat is one of Mom’s favorite things too! He doesn’t want her to miss out, so what can he do to save them for her, and pass the time until she’s ready to join him?


Brigitte WeningerView Bio

Brigitte Weninger lives with her son in Kufstein, Austria, where she used to teach Kindergarten. Her twenty years of Kindergarten experience have given her invaluable insight in to the minds of young children. She is a full time writer now and has written more than fifty acclaimed picture books, including the Miko series, which have been translated into 30 languages ​​and won many awards, among them the internationally successful Davy series. She also holds lectures and workshops for children and… Read more »