How Many Jelly Beans

Story Description

“An eminently child-friendly exploration of an ever-intriguing subject” – (c) Kirkus Reviews

“How many jelly beans would you like?” this question sets out the story of Aiden and Emma who can’t decide the number of jelly beans they would like to have. This fun picture book app offers a fun and easy way to understand large numbers, starting from 10 jelly beans to One Million jelly beans. With bright and irresistible graphics this story makes learning numbers simple, fun and mouth-watering!

Tip: Do not forget to touch objects on screen, children are going to love it!

Andrea Menotti

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Andrea Menotti loves to write throughout her life. She has written novels, short stories, screenplays, poems, and many species of nonfiction. I’ve worked as a writing teacher and as a children’s book editor, and I’ve made games, toys, apps, and web sites, too. Grown up in Maryland, she has lived in many places like Singapore, New York City, San Francisco, Oakland, and Ithaca, New York. Andrea is married to illustrator Yancey Labat and has two daughters, Eliza and Serenna. She… Read more »