Glory in the Morning

Story Description

A wonderful story to help children realize the importance of self-love and self-trust. This is a story of girl, Annabelle and a little fairy, Glory. Glory is under the spell of a nasty troll! She asks Annabelle for help. Can Annabelle help her? Beautiful illustrations and easy narration makes this a heartwarming story that every child will love to read.

Sue Shanahan

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Chicago-based artist Sue Shanahan is best known for her portraits that capture the essence of her subjects on canvas. Artwork for Disney World, illustrations for Cricket Magazine, limited edition prints, greeting cards, paper dolls, and children’s books have brought her work into an ever widening circle of recognition. For three years, Sue was given the honor of designing and illustrating the Illinois State Library’s “Family Reading Night” campaign poster. Her work even found its way into the White House where… Read more »