Five Nice Mice in Concert

Story Description

“This beautiful book, like the music, should be shared- either individually or in storytime.” – (c) School Library Journal

On a lovely night in the city, five mice hear music in the distance. What can this wonderful sound be? They follow the music and find a fabulous frog concert in the park. But mice are not allowed! Returning home, they decide to form an orchestra of their own. They make their own instruments, practice, and finally put on a fantastic show. But when the applause dies down, they find there are frogs in the audience. Music is to be shared, so the five nice mice share the stage and their music.

Chisato Tashiro

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Chisato Tashiro was born in Tokyo, Japan. She has studied Economics at Meiji Gakuin University and later studied the history of children’s picture books at a school in Takatanobaba. Her work has been exhibited at several shows in Japan. Chisato had illustrated the picture book Voices of the Forest for the World Expo 2005 Aichi in Japan, which introduced her to a wide international audience. Five Nice Mice is the second book she has created with Michael Neugebauer.