Some Day Some Night

Story Description

A magical tale about a special day when the sun proclaimed, “I’d like to stay!” Stay up and not go to bed. But, with the help of his friends, the farmer, the birds, the rooster, the flowers, the wind and the moon and the stars, the sun learns that he too, like all good little boys and girls must go to sleep at night. Soothing rhymes and lush illustrations create the perfect environment for your child at bedtime.

Jack Guinan

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Jack Guinan is a distinguished author and cartoonist. His published works include the popular children’s bedtime storybook SomeDay, SomeNight and the critically acclaimed personal investing books; The Online Trading Survival Guide (Dearborn 2000) and The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak (McGraw Hill 2009). He is the co-creator of Market Moving Laughs, the economic event calendar from Econoday Inc. and is the syndicated cartoonist of The Closing Bell by JackGuinan, which appears worldwide in media outlets including Forbe’s Electronic Media, New… Read more »