It all began with a bean

Story Description

This is the true story of what happened when everything and everyone farted at once. Five flies devoured a dropped bean, while 135 dogs ate potato chips fallen from a truck, plus everyone in town ate an egg, or two, for breakfast.  Oh, and 45 cats swallowed cheese for a snack.  Then, oh my, they all fart at the same time!!  Can you imagine?  The author sure can and tells the tale of a gaseous town where all of this, and more, happened one not so fine day. This is a book that EVERY boy and girl, is going to love!

Katie McKy

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Half of forever: that’s how long Katie McKy has been telling stories. She started as a kid, under her covers, telling stories to her siblings by flashlight. As a teacher, Katie McKy told stories to explain everything from long division to tornadoes. Katie lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She visits scores of schools every year, where she performs and teaches writing. In the summer, she retreats into the cultivated tranquility of her garden and the wild tranquility of the Canadian… Read more »