About StoriesAlive

What is StoriesAlive?

StoriesAlive is one of the largest, subscription-based digital libraries for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years (and their parents, of course). What makes the StoriesAlive digital library unique is its ever growing selection of hundreds of story titles. Stories of wonderment include classics, fairytales and contemporary stories by renowned, award-winning children’s authors and illustrators such as Suse McDonald, Don Freeman, Rosemary Wells, Dean Koontz and many others. What’s more, the titles found in the StoriesAlive digital library are visually enchanting, highly-interactive apps—not e-books—making for a hands-on, discovery-based learning experience for your child.

What’s the best device for my child to view StoriesAlive?

Bringing stories to vivid life on the iPad, Android, Nabi and other tablet devices is what we do best. Compatible iPad Specifications: Compatible with all iPad; Requires iOS 6.0 or later Compatible Android Device Specifications: Version 4.0. Suggested screen size 7 inches and above (some devices with smaller screens may be included); Required hardware features: Touchscreen, microphone, accelerometer, wifi radio.

Who’s behind StoriesAlive?

StoriesAlive is created by award-winning digital publisher Auryn, Inc. Our founders are parents like you. They have put their expertise as Academy Award-winning visual animation artists from Hollywood’s top studios to use in bringing children’s stories to vivid life on the iPad, Android and other tablet devices. Each and every story they create reinforces their belief in the importance of engaging children and parents alike with a delightful learning experience full of visual enchantment. As the most award-winning digital publisher of story-based apps, we believe in offering the very best in storytelling to the next generation.


Your StoriesAlive Subscription

How much does a StoriesAlive subscription cost?

StoriesAlive is FREE to download and comes with six free-trial titles. For only $0.99 per week, your child will have instant, unlimited access to our growing digital library of hundreds of interactive and award-winning children’s stories. We will introduce new titles every few weeks—all included in your subscription.

Can a StoriesAlive subscription be canceled at any time?

Yes. The StoriesAlive subscription term is month-to-month. When your child enjoys the titles from our digital library, your subscription will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a subscriber. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees. There are no refunds for partial months.

What happens to the stories my child has downloaded if a subscription is canceled?

The titles you download are only available when you are subscribed to StoriesAlive. However, you will always have access to any free-trial story titles.


The StoriesAlive User Experience

What interactive features are in StoriesAlive titles?

Most Standard titles have the following features:

Personalization: Each StoriesAlive title comes with a personalization option. This option allows for the text and the voice of each story to be changed, making the experience completely unique and helping children to identify with the story—encouraging them to read more!

Hot Spots: This feature takes personalization to the next level by giving the readers the ability to create their own interactive hot spots in the stories. Readers can select a spot on the story and add any sound effect to it making it a hot spot for future read. e.g. reader can select an image of a character and add his/her voice to it.

Read To Me: A pre-recorded voice reads the story to your child.

Auto Read:This functionality is similar to Read Aloud – A pre-recorded voice reads the story to your child and turns pages at a select pace.

Read Myself: This feature switches off voice and page-turning functionality, allowing you and your child to read the story at your own pace.

Enhanced story titles have the standard features and include interactive games to encourage reading engagement among children.

Premium story titles have unique and highly-advanced audiovisual interactive features specific to individual titles.

Is there an additional cost for Enhanced and Premium story titles?

No. All story titles — Standard, Enhanced and Premium — come with your subscription of $0.99 per week We will be introducing new Premium/Enhanced titles in StoriesAlive every few weeks- all included in your subscription.

What is MyStory (Coming Soon)?

MyStory (Coming Soon) is a series of creative workbooks included in your subscription and available in the StoriesAlive digital library. MyStory (Coming Soon) workbooks are downloadable and provide young readers with the opportunity to create their own stories. Children can add text, voice and pictures – photographs and paintings to bring their stories alive!


Managing You Account

What do the terms “MyLibrary,” “MyBookShelf” and “Account” mean?

The MyLibrary showcases all the story titles available for you to download. You have access to all the titles with your subscription.

The MyBookshelf is YOUR child’s personal bookshelf. It is empty until you download a title from the library. Once you download a title from MyLibrary, it will appear in your bookshelf.

Your Account contains your username, user ID and other account-related information.

How do I manage MyBookshelf?

1) Download a Story Title: Browse the MyLibrary for titles of interest to you. When you click on the title picture, a popup box will appear with more details about the title. Once you identify a title for your child in the library, click on the download button on the title. You can click on multiple titles to download at the same time. Note: Because the titles include interactive features, some may take a little while to download.

2) Sort your Bookshelf: You have the ability to arrange your bookshelf as you want, by alphabetical order, most recently downloaded, or most recently read. By default your bookshelf is sorted by the most recent download.

How many titles can I download in MyBookshelf?

As a subscriber, there is no limit to the number of story titles you can download. You can download all the current titles from MyLibrary into MyBookshelf, as well as new titles as they are introduced almost every week.

Do downloaded titles require an internet connection?

No. Once you download a title, you can access it at any time without an Internet connection, as long as you have a current subscription.

How do I update a title once it is downloaded in MyBookshelf?

By default, the StoriesAlive app is set to automatically update your titles when you open it. You can change the Auto Update setting from your account page on the app. If your Auto Update button is Off, the account page also gives you the option to update individual titles.

How do I remove a title from my MyBookShelf?

There are two ways to remove a title from your bookshelf:
1) Click on the title you want to delete. A screen will pop up with app details along with the option to Read or Delete the title from your bookshelf. Click Delete.

2) Go to your Accounts page on the app to see the list of all titles you have downloaded to your bookshelf. You will see the option to Update or Delete individual titles. Click Delete.

What if the subscription does not initiate after payment?

In such a case, click on the Help tab on your app and please send us an email with your details such as username, user ID and date of transaction (this information is available on the Account page on your app). We will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your email.

What if I forget my Username?

Your username is the email ID you used to register with us.

What if I forget my Password?

If you are not already signed in, when you open the app, you will be asked to register or sign in as new user. The sign in screen has a FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link. Click on the link and follow the instructions.

How do I change my StoriesAlive email address/username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your StoriesAlive email address or username.

How do I contact Customer Support?

You can email us at customerservice@auryn.com with any technical or customer service-related issues. You can send this email from your app by clicking on the EMAIL icon next to the FAQ icon.