Suse Macdonald

Author Bio

As a child Suse loved to draw and imagine. When she began college she knew art would be a focus in her life. Asa fine arts major she took life drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. However, nothing felt quite right. Her early art career included five years of textbook illustration followed by ten years of architectural drafting and design. In 1975, her love of illustration prompted a shift in focus and a return to art studies in Boston. She attended two Boston art schools –the New England School of Art and Design and The Art Institute. While in school her work became less realistic and bolder and more colorful. It began to look like it belonged in a children’s picture book. Soon, Suse had illustrated her first book – Alphabatics, which won a Caldecott Honor presented by the American Library Association and The Golden Kite Award presented by the Society of Children’s Book Writers. Receiving these awards jump started Suse’s career. Since 1986 Suse has written and or illustrated nineteen books.

She loves the process of writing and illustrating children’s books. A great pleasure for her is in encouraging readers to go beyond their usual stopping points and make their own artistic discoveries. Children are inventors. They just need situations that bring out that quality of inventiveness. In her books she creates those opportunities.