Joshua Mulligan

Author Bio

Joshua Mulligan, from Detroit is an artist and animator inspired by imagination, buildings, figure studies and anatomy. His goal is to always be creating, drawing, and animating for the rest of his life. He uses pen and ink to make drawings from imagination and observation. Joshua uses his imagination, knowledge of anatomy and observation skills to express the mysteries and possibilities that art affords. He likes to express himself by drawing from imagination. He is inspired by the fact that the only limitation is his own imagination.

He completed his graduation with majors in Entertainment Arts with concentration in animation in 2014 from the College of Creative Studies. He has been an animator, a teaching assistant and an arts tutor. His art has been displayed at The Chronicles at the Valade Family Galley in Detroit in 2012 & 2014. His animated short film The Journey of Two, now a part of StoriesAlive as well, had received first place at the Young Michigan Filmmakers Festival in animation category held in Leland, Michigan.